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TGR & Anthill Films Announce unReal Premiere & Film Tour

May 21, 2015

Escape the real world and join us for the world premiere and global tour of unReal, starting June 18th in Vancouver B.C.

The Drift Track: Stevie Smith & Brook Macdonald

April 29, 2015

Dusk is falling rapidly and I’m driving down a maze of gravel roads deep in the interior of BC with the fuel gage nearing empty. Stevie is injured and all I have to go on are some sketchy directions that an old timer gave us a ways back. We’re hoping that we can find the hospital before the truck runs out of gas.

Mountain Biking on a… Glacier? #theunRealmovie

March 30, 2015

Early last summer I had an unUsual email come across my inbox. It read something like this: “Hey Cam, we’re actually going to try to do that crazy glacier idea for unReal. We’ll be camping up there for 2 weeks and trying to find some rideable snow and ice. It will probably be a big challenge, are you into it...?”

The Story Behind the Biggest Front Flip in MTB History

March 10, 2015

Mind the Gap: The Making of unReal Episode 2. On June 25th, 2014, Tom van Steenbergen landed the biggest front flip in mountain bike history, but it almost didn’t happen.