So You want to host a premiere for Return to Earth?


Anthill Films is excited to present you with the opportunity to host a film premiere or screening event for our new feature film, Return to Earth.

The crew is currently hard at work on post­production for the film with the World Premiere slated for June 14, 2019. You are receiving this information because you’ve hosted an event for one of our films in the past or have expressed interest in doing an event in the future. This document will give you some key details on the film and the benefits you will receive as a premiere tour host.

Click the link below to request a tour event… but maybe read this first!


About the Film

It’s time to Return to Earth. We increasingly live in a culture of distraction; constantly conducting our lives through 24/7 connectivity. We feed this attention economy with our most precious resource: our time. Time is either spent wisely or it is just spent. Second after second; minute after minute; moment after moment… they’re all there for the taking.

Return to Earth is a feature mountain bike film about the simple act of living in those moments. A cinematic journey connected by true to life examples set by riders of all ages around the world, the film will show that when we lose track of time, we make the most of it.

Starring: Brett Rheeder, Ryan Howard, Casey Brown, Brandon Semenuk, Thomas Vanderham, Matt Hunter Jackson Goldstone, Jakob Jewett, Dane Jewett, Tahnee Seagrave, Kaos Seagrave, Kade Edwards, Joey Schusler, Thomas Genon, Emil Johansson, Reed Boggs, Carson Storch.

Presented by: Shimano and Trek. In association with Evoc, Sony, Whistler Mountain Bike Park, Clif Bar, Pink Bike, Trail Forks and Freehub Magazine. With support from Bike Park Lenzerheide, Spawn Cycles, Clif Bar, Rocky Mountain Cycles.

 Expected run time: 45 minutes

Rating: G (Suitable for all ages)

Some Key Dates to Remember:

  • April 15: RTE marketing campaign launch

  • May 1: Official film trailer release

  • June 14: World Premiere

  • June 16th – July 15: Exclusive Premiere events

  • July 16: Non-exclusive film Screening events

  • July 16: Digital download sales begin (iTunes, Google Play, Vimeo, etc…)

Film Tour Marketing

Return to Earth will be the the most anticipated mountain bike film since Anthill’s last feature film, unReal (2015). The combined reach of the film’s partners and athletes will create a highly influential marketing platform in the mountain bike space, driving global awareness and interest for the film. The premiere tour will be a central message in this campaign. with specific premiere events and screenings for the film being promoted through the following channels:

  1. Website: A comprehensive tour section will be created on Anthill’s website with full listings and links to all events.

  2.  Social Media:Promotion of events through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Premiere events will be listed on Anthill’s Facebook page.

  3.  Media Relations: Anthill will create a press release announcing key premiere tour stops that will be sent to all relevant media in the weeks leading up to the world premiere.  An exclusive World premiere story will be featured prominently on to promote subsequent premiere tour events.

  4.  Advertising: the overall premiere tour will be marketed by Anthill through banner ads on and Freehub Magazine. Anthill will also be creating and posting custom content to promote the premiere tour on social media

  5.  Sponsors: the film’s sponsors will be made aware of all premiere tour events and encourage to work directly with hosts to activate with interactive experiences and giveaways.

Tour Marketing Toolkit: To assist with the marketing and promotion of individual shows, each host will receive access to a digital premiere tour marketing toolkit, which will provide:

  • Customizable film posters that can be used to promote the specific details for each show

  • Return to Earth brand kit, with logos, fonts, etc…

  • Suggested ticketing artwork

  • Official film photos and promo videos that can be used to promote your premiere event on your own channels

  • Sample press releases to share your event with local media

  • Official film merchandise available for purchase separately

The Film: At least 48hrs prior to your event, Anthill will provide an HD or 4K digital download (H.264) of the film and rich media slideshow (includes video and audio clips). It is essential that all hosts download and test the film and slideshow files at the venue, at least 24hrs prior to your event. Additional formats are available (i.e. BluRay, DCP) upon special request at an additional cost.

We want to work with you to create the best event possible. If you have ideas and plans to make your show a fun and unique experience, we will work wit you to try and make that happen. A dedicated premiere tour manager will be available to work with hosts on their event plan and answers any questions that come up.

Tour Packages

There are two different types of packages available for third­-party organizers who want to show the film publicly:

  1.  Premiere Events: take place BEFORE the release of the film on iTunes and other digital channels.  These exclusive, ticketed events are the best way to experience the film and typically take place in independent theatres and venues specially designed for audio-visual events.

  2. Screening Events: take place AFTER the film is available for sale as a digital download globally (iTunes, Google Play, Vimeo, etc…). Screenings are any public showing of the film and can occur in a wide range of venues, including bars and outdoor events.

Non­-Profit shows: We know that many hosts use these events to raise money for great mountain bike (and other) causes. If you are a registered non-profit organization, your event is eligible for the non­-profit licensing fee.  All non-­profit shows must report the proceeds raised by the event to Anthill.

We recognize that each event is unique and we will work with you to customize a package that meets your specific needs.  Discounted rates are available for anyone hosting 3 or more events.

Premiere Events:

Running June 16th to July 15th, 2019

Regular show rate: $700

Non-profit show rate: $400

Premieres are ticketed events that take place prior to the iTunes release of Return to Earth and include the following support:

  • Exclusive right to the first showing of the film in your city/region

  • Right to show the film before it is publicly available

  • Inclusion in premiere tour announcement

  • Inclusion in World Premiere press release and story

  • Listed in the Return to Earth Premiere section of Anthill’s website

  • Listed in events section of Anthill’s Facebook Page

  • Targeted Facebook ad promoting your event

  • Instagram stories promoting you event

  • Potential sponsor support (i.e. swag, prizes)

  • Access to digital marketing toolkit

  • Right to purchase film merchandise for resale

  • HD or 4K digital file, with rich media pre­-show slideshow

 Screening Events:

Begin July 16th, 2019

Regular show rate: $400

Non-profit show rate: $200

Ticketed or free, grassroots events that take place after the digital download release of the film and include the following support:

  • Non-­exclusive right to show the film after it’s release in your city/region

  • Listed on Return to Earth Screenings section of Anthill’s website

  • Access to digital marketing toolkit

  • HD digital file of the film, with pre-show slideshow

Tour Host Obligations: As a host of a premiere tour event you will have the following obligations:

  • Secure and pay all venue costs

  • Manage ticket sales

  • Ensure that all A/V equipment used will be of sufficient quality for a first-class screening of the film. The projector, screen, and speakers must be of appropriate size and quality for the venue being used.

  • Test all gear in advance of the screening, including playing the film all the way through on the system being used for the screening

  • Use all possible channels to promote and maximize ticket sales for your event

  • Place any promotional signage that you receive from Anthill and its sponsors in relevant, highly-­visible areas at the screening

  • Post photos and/or videos from your event online after the premiere/screening

  • Provide Anthill a small allocation of premiere tour tickets for VIP use (if requested)

  • When possible, collect emails from online tickets sales by including an opt-out for Anthill and our partner’s newsletters

  • Ensure the film is not directly associated with brands that compete against the film’s official sponsors

  • Not-­for-­profit shows will be responsible for reporting on money that each show raised

Next Steps

That’s a lot of information to take in.Feel free to contact us directly ( if you have any questions and check out the FAQ below.

To request a premiere or screening event, please complete the short online form and we will be in touch to confirm your event.


Thanks for your interest and support!

Your friends… the Ants.


Q: What type of projection equipment is required?

A: That depends on the type of show you are hosting. If you are hosting a premiere event, you should be creating the best possible viewing experience for your guests. That typically means a professional-quality projector (vs. consumer home theatre) on a large format central screen with a minimum of HD resolution (1080). If you are hosting a screening event, it’s possible to show the film with lower quality viewing experiences, such a a multi-screen set up in a sports bar, or a home-theatre project and screen for small events.

Q: Does Anthill make a profit off these events?

A: No. Anthill’s primary goals are to increase awareness for the film and help raise money for mountain causes all over the world. The fees charged help cover the expenses associated with producing the assets and managing the film tour.

Q: What should we be charging per ticket?

A: This is something you will need to determine based on the type of event you will be hosting, what’s included and the specific costs involved. Before hosting an event, it’s important to create a budget. Typically, ticket prices for premieres vary from $10-20.

Q: How much is “normal” for a theatre to charge for hosting?

A: There is no “normal” in this world, as it totally depends on the venue you want to host your event in. Location, capacity, prestige, timing and availability are all factors that have an impact on costs. Some venues, such as bars, do not charge a fee at all, others charge $10K or more.

Q: What’s the most effective way to draw in a crowd?

A: Here are a few ideas… Work with local trail associations, mountain bike clubs and bike shops to spread the news of your event through their channels. Print posters and place them in key areas a week before you event. Create a Facebook event page, that everyone can share an invite their own friends to. Talk to local media about doing a story on the film and in their weekly entertainment updates (Anthill crew and athletes can be available for interviews upon request). Use the assets provided in the marketing toolkit to spread awareness on your own social media channels. Look for local, non-competitive partners (brands cannot conflict with film partners) who can help you create a fun event and spread the word. Tie in your event with other mountain bike events that are already happening. Or host a ride a beforehand to make it even more fun!

Q: Can I use online ticket sales for email and address capture?

A: Yes, if the venue permits it. If you are collecting audience data, you must add an opt-out that allows for inclusion on Anthill’s and our partners email newsletters (text for opt-out will be provided by Anthill).

Q: Can I sell my own merchandise at the screening?

A: Yes, if it is permitted by the venue and does not complete with any of the film’s official partners.