With the 20th World Cup win of his career, Greg Minnaar is the greatest downhill mountain biker of all time. But spend some time hanging out with Greg in his hometown of Pietermaritzburg and you would never know you were in the presence of a living legend. All you would find is a down-to-earth guy whose love of bikes is surpassed only by his love for friends, family and home.

We caught-up with Greg at home with his family during some rare moments of downtime this past winter. The Marisburg hillside is where Greg first rode a mountain bike, and in later years experienced a career highlight – winning the world championship minutes from is home for all his friends and family.

It doesn’t take long to figure out that Greg has shaped this community… and they, in turn, have shaped him. This is home.

Photos by Sterling Lorence (@eyeroam)

Special thanks to the Minnaar family for allowing us into their lives during the filming of This is Home.