When it comes down to it, we're all kids at heart, whether we're an adult with a day job, or a grom who is still young enough to order from the kids menu. No matter how old we are, a couple of pedal strokes and the rush of wind through our hair will always put a smile on our faces. For Riley and David, being a kid is all about riding bikes and getting in as many runs as you can in a day. Like most kids, they picture themselves as their favourite riders, but in this case, their imagination leaves them with some pretty big shoes to fill.

In episode seven of the Sony ActionCam #DreamCapture series, Riley and David picture themselves on the bikes of Thomas Vanderham and Matt Hunter. Just two big kids at heart, having fun on their bikes. Does it really get any better than that? Stay tuned for the full video release on July 30th to see the rest of the story. Subscribe to the official Sony ActionCam YouTube channel to be the first to see the full video as soon as it's released!