Thank you to everyone who participated in the #NotBad Trek Ticket S Contest. We had over 30,000 entries but in the end, the randomly selected winner was Craig Pointer of the UK.

Needless to say, Craig was pretty stoked--and maybe even a little bit skeptical at first!

"I genuinely couldn't believe I had won the Ticket, in fact I still had an element of doubt even up to the point of walking away with the bike. The weather has been pretty terrible over here so I've struggled to find as much opportunity to ride it as I would've liked. However, I can say that even though I've not yet, and probably never will ride it to anything like its full potential, it is great fun! Cheers to Trek, Pinkbike and Anthill for making it happen!" - Craig Pointer

Thank you Trek , Shimano, and Bontrager for making such a RAD bike and thanks to everyone for your support!