No eels were hurt during the making of this video. Not sure we can say the same for Cam McCaul's face. #NotBad Coming July 29th 2013 Pre-order on iTunes Now Free Online Premiere 10am - 12am PST

'Cam McCaul's response to the eel slapping incident and his views on the NZ trip were predictably priceless. "Slimy, mean, anti-social, hostile, and ugly. These are not words you would use to describe anything about New Zealand or its people--unless  you're talking about eels. Eels are all of the above and more. An eel would never welcome you into its home or let you ride its jumps. An eel wouldn't be keen for some downhill laps, bungee jumping, jetboating, luging, or any fun stuff like that. An eel wouldn't be down for any of these fun activities because eels are assholes. If New Zealand was run by eels, it would be very bad. The fact that New Zealand is not run by eels makes it very not bad."'

"Thankfully, we only encountered one eel on this trip. During this encounter, I was aggressively slapped in the face with the aforementioned creature. Surprisingly, it was quite enjoyable. In fact, it may be my fondest memory from the trip. Some would say, 'Wow that trip musta really sucked if your favourite moment was getting slapped in the face with an eel.' To this person, I would say, 'don't knock it till you've tried it!' Why was it fun getting slapped in the face with an eel? I'm not exactly sure. I'm still trying to figure it out. If you decide to try it for yourself, please contact me with your results. For now, my theory is this: Everything is more fun in New Zealand." - Cam McCaul, Decline Magazine, August 2013 Issue