Harookz - Follow Me

For all our friends and fans in places outside of North America who wanted to get a digital download of Follow Me you’ve gotten a bit of a raw deal over the last 6 months. There’s no point in going into all the details.  But the short version is… we’ve been trying to get Follow Me into iTunes stores other than Canada and the US for more than 6 months now.  Despite everyone's best efforts, it hasn't happened yet.  And we still don’t know exactly when it will.

So we’ve taken matters into our own hands.  We have just added a digital download to our site that you can buy direct from us through payloadz.  Sure it takes a bit longer than the fancy iTunes download but it works, it’s in HD and it looks sick.  Plus you can feel good knowing every one of your hard earned dollars is going direct to Anthill to help us make more movies in the future.

Go here to download your HD version of Follow Me: anthillfilms.com/buy

Thanks for your support!

The Anthill Crew.

Follow Me - DVD