Filming for the movie FOLLOW ME by anthill films

Good dirt, epic people, sick trails and sunshine - Kamloops always calls us back for more. What better way to start our new film than with one of our best buds Matt Hunter and a new addition to the crew Kurt Sorge. We almost said no to this location early on - we’ve filmed in Kamloops a lot before with Hunter and thought we couldn’t do it again… but damn it’s just so good! And with the fresh approach of seeing Hunter and Sorge riding together under the “no one rides alone” mantra and with so many progressive lines built we were on our way. Minutes into our first evening shoot I knew it was on when (Jonathan) Schramm was flipping out after reviewing the first bagged shot of the film… “that was the most f’d up shot I’ve ever seen!”  With light firing, the crew wasted no time and sessioned variations of the shot until the light faded. Here’s a bit of back story on the first shot for FOLLOW ME.

Follow Me

The Vision – build a sick piece of trail leading into a 40ft booter on the side of a road for a long sustained “truck shot” with a bit of woo tang.

The Build – Hunter and Sorge and a case of beer, some truck headlights that stayed on until 1am. Nice work boys.

The Shot – truck shots are hard enough to nail let alone with 2 riders in the frame going all out so they have enough speed to clear the 40 footer. After a couple solo shots of each guy by themselves, Sorge suggests “I think we’re ready to train it”. So with Schramm and I manning the truck-camera combo, CJ in the woods somewhere nailing the super slow-mo, a safety angle just below the road and Sterling cammo’d somewhere in the mix we call drop in and proceed to drift the truck down the gravel road around a blind corner all while tracking the boys.

Man it sure feels good to be back in the field again!

Follow Me

A big thanks to the Kamloops crew for all the support – Nikki Sorenson thanks for epic meals, Mitch Cheek master line builder, and Al thanks for letting us take over your home. Stoked to head back there for more good times in a few weeks.