So I’m sitting here in Anthill’s world headquarters in the sprawling metropolis of downtown Squamish watching the snowline slowly recede up the mountains.  Spring’s coming fast (actually I think it’s officially already here) – time to try to start moving the office legs; time to reflect on the first winter for Anthill.  Here’s a quick recap of what the Anthill crew’s been up to: Anthill Films

We moved into an office.  Yeah! no more late night meetings in Darcy’s kitchen whispering because his kid is sleeping one wall over.  It’s within walking distance of two cold beer and wine stores (critical selling factor) and has a couple big windows that look out at the Coast Range – just don’t look down because there are crack heads rummaging through the alley in front of the town’s one and only night club.

Anthill Films

We bought a bunch of new toys.  The guys have been fully updating all their kits.  Darcy threw down for the Red Cam.  Plus we got a new editing system, a cool POV set up, are working on a top secret new cable cam and a bunch of other stuff that I can’t figure out how to work (better call technical support).   The guys have been testing the new cameras and the footage is looking good.


We shot for a few commercial gigs.  We had the chance to work on a few really cool projects that aren’t done yet but hopefully you’ll be able to check them out soon.  A big highlight for me was filming the Canadian Alpine Ski Team.

That’s about it.  A bunch of other stuff happened – Darcy had another kid (right before we started filming... again!) and Jonathan helped his brother build a high-end Vodka distillery in Pemberton (no it is not in his basement) – but that’s all I can think of for now.