[i] Did you know ants instinctively communicate with each other? They emit pheromones so that the entire group can know what each ant is doing in an instant. Aside from the pheromones part, Anthill is a lot like that. In unpredictable natural environments, you often get only one take and light is constantly changing. Years of experience allows us to react quickly on instinct and nail shots that traditional production teams might miss. 

[ii] OK maybe not literally... but we have been known to carry some pretty heavy loads into some very hard to reach places. And Anthill’s ability to capture mind-blowing imagery with a small team means we can pull off things that a team 50 times our size would struggle to make happen. 

[iii] Much like ants who form symbiotic relationships with a wide range of species, Anthill views the brands we work with as partners… not clients. We only take on projects that are a good fit for our unique skills. At heart we are filmmakers, not content producers. And we love working with our partners to bring unique, mutually-beneficial creative concepts to life. 

[iv] Did you know that ants are found on every continent, except Antarctica? Like ants, we are able to exploit a wide range of resources to thrive in many different landscapes and activities. We have worked in over 30 different countries – from undiscovered trails in the remote mountains of Afghanistan to ancient ruins in the jungles of Belize – and we are even open to visiting Antarctica someday.